A new way


Our institutions cooperate to establish new, enrollment-driving majors and minors that are far more affordable for us and our students. We do this by partnering with Rize Education to deliver premium, online courses, taught by our member institutions, and built exclusively for schools that value the small college experience.

Distinctive academic programs give our members a competitive edge, and their students a top-quality education designed to help them succeed.

Add high-demand programs to your catalog.

From digital marketing to game development, LCMC member schools partner with Rize Education to offer majors and certificates built to get students ready for careers in the fastest-growing fields.

Our goal: reduce tuition at our member institutions by 30% over the next ten years.


Colleges and universities in the consortium—and counting.


Full degree programs, built by academics, experts, and industry leaders.


New academic programs started by LCMC members.

We provide access to cutting-edge programs. You create the best small-college experience.

Faculty-Governed and Led

Faculty governance is the cornerstone of small private college education. All collaborative majors therefore pass through your faculty governance process.

Small Class Sizes

These programs are designed for the low student-to-faculty ratio and personalized attention that small colleges are built on.

4-Year On-Campus Instruction

Collaborative majors enhance the on-campus college experience central to student development.

Institutional Autonomy

The consortium gives access to the programs in partnership with Rize, and each school decides whether and how to participate on their own terms.

Liberal Arts

We believe liberal arts are an ideal core for any field of study. We strongly value the critical thinking skills and cultural awareness students gain from a liberal arts foundation.

No Compromise on Quality

Our vision is to improve outcomes and reduce tuition through the establishment of new collaborative majors—designed by leading experts, taught by instructors at LCMC institutions.

The Traditional College Experience. Enhanced.

Learn more about the innovative collaborative majors offered in partnership with Rize Education.

AI Literacy

Prepare students for AI in the workplace.

Actuarial Science

Model risks and inform strategic decisions.

Applied AI

Equip students with technical-AI skills.

Business Analytics

Solve critical business challenges.

Climate Tech

Address an urgent global issue.

Computer Science

Technology for the future.


Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Data Science

Find the meaning in the math.

Digital Marketing

Build the brands people love.

Esports & Gaming Administration

Break into the games industry.


Power our world.

Certified Financial Planning

Help shape financial futures.

Game Development

Build games that bring joy to people's lives.

Human Resources

Good people power good businesses.

Healthcare Administration

Lead healthcare systems

Information Technology

Get rewarded for solving technological problems.


Investigate the mind.


Solve global health challenges.

Professional Sales

Close the deal.

Project Management

Bring ideas to life.

Public Administration

Serve your community, your country and beyond.

Public Health

Protect and plan for your community.

Public Relations

Get people talking.

Supply Chain Management

Move goods around the world.

Web Design

Make the internet beautiful and functional.

The consortium model, reinvented for the 21st century.

Using high educational standards, the LCMC institutions seek to embrace technology and it's potential to reshape higher education for the better now, and in the future.