Project Management

Guide teams through the process of turning a good idea into a great product.

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Bring ideas to life.

Company leadership has a vision, and the people executing on that vision have the skills to build something great. The Project Manager is the central figure who brings it all together. Turn ideas into strategy, and strategy into concrete goals and milestones to help your team reach the finish line.

Sponsors, Professors, and Experts

We consulted Fortune 500 companies, industry professionals, and leading academics to build a best-in-class program of study for aspiring Project Managers.

Dr. Bob Barnes

Duke University

Bob Barnes’ career spans a period of over 30 years working in new product development across a broad range of industries and disciplines including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, information technology, energy, automotive, and construction. He is a former Project Management instructor and Director of Business Development at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering.

Dr. Charles Severance

University of Michigan

Charles Severance holds a PhD in Computer Science from Michigan State University. He is the world’s leading online CS educator; his online courses graduate thousands of students a week. His contributions and curriculum form the backbone of many of our technology majors

Mala Sarat Chandra

Technology Pioneer

Mala Chandra developed multiple core Java technologies, including J2EE, J2ME and Java Beans. In 2004, she was named one of the 25 most influential women in the development of the internet, in addition to being named a top 50 project management professional. She has developed courses in gamification, social media and other subjects for the University of Washington.

Alexey Malashkevich

Founder, AgileCode

Alexey is a highly respected engineer and engineering manager with strong experience in building cloud-based financial technology systems. His skill in building engineering teams gives him particular insight into the skills most valuable in today’s technology workforce.

Facts Breakdown

Quick facts on the industry.

Why study Project Management

We’re proud to offer one of the only college degree programs focused specifically on Project Management in the US.

Needed skills

Project Managers are in high demand, but very few new graduates possess the necessary skills to do the job. You will.


A good Project Manager knows a little about a lot. Learn strategy, programming, leadership, business theory, and more—and learn how to bring it all together.

What you'll learn.

PMM I - Introduction to Project Management

PMM II - Project Planning

PMM III - Project Execution, Monitoring & Control, Implementation & Closure

PMM IV - Advanced Project Management Practicum

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Project Management

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