Game Development

Games bring joy to people’s lives and let us experience immersive worlds. Learn to build games and help shape the industry.

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Play to win.

Esports and video games are fast-growing industries, rapidly becoming some of the biggest employers in tech. Successful game developers come in all shapes and sizes, from one-person independent creators to AAA mega-studios.

Sponsors, Professors, and Experts

Our Game Development major features input from major names in the games industry, and top computer science experts.


Unity is the world’s most-used game engine. It powers 50% of Mobile games and 60% of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content. The Unity engine is intended to be readily accessible, low-cost, and powerful. The bulk of the LCMC game development courses were developed using materials provided by Unity.

Fereshteh Forough

CEO, Code To Inspire

Fereshteh Forough is the CEO and founder of Code To Inspire, a not-for-profit coding school for girls in Afghanistan. She also serves on the Advisory Board of Unity Global Education. Her expertise in teaching coding and game development to students with no prior experience directly shaped the philosophy of the Game Development courses.

Renee Gittins

Executive Director IGDA, Forbes 30 under 30

Renee Gittins is the Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association. Because of her dual roles as chair of a developer’s association, and studio head (Stumbling Cat), Renee has a sharp understanding of the tensions that often exist between business and development roles within the games industry.

Thomas O’Connor

Studio Director, PlayEveryWare

Thomas O’Connor is the studio director of PlayEveryWare, a game studio in Seattle best known for their work porting games between systems. Tom’s expertise in both the development and business aspects of the games industry was vital in determining key learning objectives.


The IGDA (International Game Developers Association) is a nonprofit professional association whose stated mission is to “support and empower game developers around the world in achieving fulfilling and sustainable careers.” The Esports & Gaming Administration major, as well as the Game Development major, were developed with significant input from the IGDA’s Game Education Chair, Suzanne Freyjadis, and conforms to the IGDA 2020 curriculum framework as closely as possible.

Facts Breakdown

Quick facts on the industry.

Why study Game Development

Our unique program is centered around Unity, one of the most popular development platforms. You’ll graduate with two Unity certifications.

The art and the science

You’ll learn about every aspect of development, from the business of getting a game produced, to the art of designing the look and feel of a game.

Made for now

This major is produced in accordance with the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) 2020 standards for academic Game Development curricula.

What you'll learn.

GDM I - Introduction to Games

GDM II - Content and Systems Design

GDM III - Unity I: Working with Unity

GDM IV - C# Programming

GDM V - Unity II: Advanced Unity Programming

GDM VI - Capstone: Building a Game