How do collaborative majors work with Rize & The LCMC?

Top-quality curricula built by leading experts from industry and academia, taught on college campuses across the country.

The traditional college experience.

A four-year on-campus degree, plus virtual instruction from experts in high-demand fields. Built with career readiness in mind.

5 steps to your new programs.

The LCMC & Rize have worked with 85+ small colleges to launch new programs, and have streamlined the process allowing new college partners to add programs in as quickly as one semester.

All LCMC members can start high-growth programs with Rize by following 5 simple steps:

Step 1

Meet with a dedicated Academic Partner from Rize to identify a set of high-growth majors that would bring the most value to your institution.

Step 2

Collaborate with the Rize team to design a degree program that embeds your institution’s ethos by utilizing existing courses from your catalog with a handful of new courses offered on Rize.

Step 3

Propose your new degree programs for faculty approval through your internal governance process by using Rize's robust program documentation.

Step 4

Send a notification or get approval from your regional accreditor to offer your new degree program. Rize partners have approved programs by every regional accrediting body!

Step 5

Market new degree programs to prospective students immediately upon approval by leveraging Rize’s enrollment marketing services, pre-build collateral & content.

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Built to high academic standards, with input from industry leaders

Courses are designed and maintained by top academic minds and experts from the field.

We also conduct extensive research with industry leaders, and partner with the biggest names in the field - like Google, Ryder and Unity Technologies - to ensure programs are career-focused and producing the results students want.

Beyond academic quality, these steps produce more marketable programs that more reliably drive enrollments to your small college.

Industry Sponsors:
Computer Science programming was built in collaboration with Google, logo seen here.
Game Development coursework was developed in collaboration with Unity Technologies, logo seen here.
Academic Experts:
Fareshteh Forough of code to inspire collaborated in creating new academic programs.
Fereshteh Forough
CEO, Code to Inspire
Dr. Russell "Skip" Barbour
Yale University
College campus in spring

Centered on the small college experience students love

Students earn their degree on your campus, supplemented with premium online courses, taught by peer institutions, and offered both live and asynchronously for maximum flexibility.

An innovative model.

The classic college experience…


Spend four years on campus at the college you love.

Small classes

Get to know the faculty you learn from.


Work, play, and get involved in student life.

… with select classes from nationally leading experts.

Expert instruction

Select class sessions are held online, taught by some of the top names in your field.


We consult with top employers in the field to make sure you’re learning the most in-demand skills.


Build a portfolio of work while you’re learning, so you're ready to interview.

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