Climate Tech

Rize's Climate Tech program is a 6 course minor or concentration for Business, Technology, and Engineering students to gain specialist skills about climate issues and solutions. This program was designed with academic and Climate Tech experts to meet the growing employer demand for Business, Tech, and Engineering professionals in the Climate Tech space and will prepare students for target roles such as Sustainability Project Manager, Climate Data Scientist, and Renewable Energy Engineer.

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Sponsors, Professors, and Experts

This program was created by a team of experts and accomplished leaders from academia and the climate tech sector, with the following primary program consultant:

Bree Rosenblum

Professor of Global Change Biology, UC Berkeley

Bree Rosenblum is a Professor of Global Change Biology at UC Berkeley in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management. She received her B.A. from Brown University and her PhD from UC Berkeley. Bree’s research focuses on understanding the biological diversity of our planet. How are new species formed? And why species being lost at such an alarming rate in our contemporary world? Her research crosses scales from genes to ecosystems, and takes place from the White Sands desert in New Mexico where new lizard species are evolving, to the rainforests of South America where amphibians are threatened with extinction. Bree has published 90 scholarly articles and the first ever Global Change Biology textbook (with Oxford University Press). Her work has been recognized by numerous awards and has been featured in many textbooks and popular press venues (New York Times, the Discovery Channel, Public Radio, Ranger Rick). Most recently, she was in the BBC documentary “Endangered”.

Facts Breakdown

Quick facts on the industry.

Why study Climate Tech

Students in the Climate Tech program will gain various green-skills including learning how to communicate climate concepts effectively, solve complex sustainability problems using skills from their base major, and evaluate climate-related solutions.

Employer demand

Over the last 5 years, there has been 50% growth in demand for green jobs. Additionally, workers with at least one green-skill have a 29% above average hiring rate.

Student demand

Over 70% of surveyed students expressed a desire to pursue a career that allows them to address global climate challenges, according to Cambridge International.

What you'll learn.

CTM I - Climate Change Foundations

CTM II - How to Get a Job in Climate Tech

DAM I - Foundations of Data Analytics I

DAM II - Foundations of Data Analytics II

CTM III - Climate Tech Solutions: Business and Technology

CTM IV - Climate Tech Solutions: Policy and Economics