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Learn more about our innovative collaborative majors. The LCMC's Spring 2021 course list can be found here.

Computer Science

Technology for the future.

Game Development

Build games that bring joy to people's lives.

Data Analytics

Find the meaning in the math.

Digital Marketing

Build the brands people love.

Supply Chain Management

Move goods around the world.

Public Health

Protect and plan for your community.

Strategic Communications & PR

Get people talking.

Esports & Gaming Administration

Break into the games industry.

Certified Financial Planning

Help shape financial futures.

Web Design

Make the internet beautiful and functional.

Project Management

Bring ideas to life.

Professional Sales

Close the deal.

Human Resources

Good people power good businesses.

Actuarial Science

Model risks and inform strategic decisions.

Public Administration

Serve your community, your country and beyond.

Electrical Engineering

Power our world.


Investigate the mind.

Be a part of
something bigger.

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