Emergency and Disaster Management

Professionals with an expertise in disaster preparedness and recovery are needed at all many levels within the public and private sectors. This program provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to ensure their communities are able to avoid preventable emergencies and are better prepared for and better able to recover from those that do occur.

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Protect your community

This program was developed by to focus on the disaster management cycle with an emphasis on three key areas: preparation, resilience and recovery. Students will learn how better to identify vulnerable communities, protect communities from disasters, and understand the differential impacts of disaster and emergency preparedness investment and spending.

Sponsors, Professors, and Experts

This program was created with the guidance of one of the top Emergency Management minds in academia.

Dr. Tim Frazier

Faculty Director of Emergency and Disaster Management, Georgetown University

Dr. Tim Frazier is the director of the Emergency and Disaster Management program at Georgetown University. He holds a PhD in Geography from Penn State, with a specialization in Human/Environment Interaction focusing on research concerning differential vulnerability and resilience of populations to natural hazards. Dr. Frazier’s research focuses on developing science that serves to impact decision-making in local communities with regards to disaster preparedness and response.

Facts Breakdown

Quick facts on the industry.

Why study Emergency and Disaster Management

Preparing for and minimizing the risks from emergencies is a critical function in our communities. A career in Emergency Management provides a great combination of potential compensation and the ability to make a positive impact.


In addition to specialized courses in Emergency Management, students will be exposed to concepts in economics, sociology, management and finance.


We interviewed experts in Emergency Management and to identify key skills employers are looking for in graduates.

What you'll learn.

EDP I - Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Management

EDP II - Socio-Economic Dimensions of Disasters

EDP III - Emergency and Disaster Management Planning

EDP IV - Global Health And Crisis Management

EDP V - Post Disaster Resilience and Recovery

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Emergency and Disaster Management

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