Electrical Engineering

Engineers are integral to creating the components that power our world. Electrical engineering is a fascinating, challenging and rewarding profession that offers many different specialty options, excellent compensation and exceptional opportunity.

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Power our world.

This ABET accredited degree in Electrical Engineering will provide students with hands-on experience that will develop their ability to identify, formulate and solve electrical engineering problems. Our partner, University of North Dakota, has offered distance engineering degrees for over 40 years, allowing students to attend the campus they love while still giving them access to a premier engineering degree.

Sponsors, Professors, and Experts

This online, dual-degree track program is offered in partnership with the University of North Dakota, the #1 Online Electrical Engineering provider in the country. Students will graduate with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UND as well as a Bachelor’s degree from your campus.

University of North Dakota

College of Engineering and Mines

Founded in 1863 in Grand Forks, the University of North Dakota is home to over 13,500 students and is increasingly regarded as one of the top academic and research institutions in the nation. UND has the #1 Online Electrical Engineering Program in the country and has successfully taught online programs for decades.

Facts Breakdown

Quick facts on the industry.

Why study Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers experience some of the highest job satisfaction ratings of all careers, with opportunities at some of today's most exciting and dynamic global corporations in defense, aerospace, automobiles, technology and energy fields.

More than engineering

Learn leadership, communication, multidisciplinary teamwork, entrepreneurial and lifelong learning skills necessary for success in a global marketplace.

Learn by doing

Design a system, component or process to meet goals within realistic budget, compliance, manufacturing and other real-world constraints.

What you'll learn.



Circuit Analysis


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Electrical Engineering

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